together with partner Alexa Security Consulting is an American company specializing in Cybersecurity forensics, solutions and configuration of network security. We take a holistic approach when it comes to Cybersecurity and focus on the entire system from start to finish. Not only prevents attacks from occurring, but also assists with system recovery and investigation of criminal paths to minimize the severity of an attack. Alexa has extensive relationships with emerging Southeast Asian companies and primarily works with a range of mid-range financial services and heavy industry firms. While Networking4u is famous in Vietnam for training and project implementation. The combination of with Alexa will bring to the Vietnamese market a full range of security solutions to perfectly protect your company.


The Product & Services

XM Cyber

Attack Simulation

Changes happen constantly.  Don’t wait for a scheduled scan. XM Cyber gives you a continuous view that exposes attack vectors, from breach point to any  critical asset



Automated Penetration Testing platform

Pcysys’ automated pen-testing platform continuously conducts ethical exploits based on infrastructure vulnerabilities, to deliver prioritized threat-based weaknesses based on real pen-testing achievements.



Cyber Security Forensics

Belkasoft Evidence Center finds and analyzes more than 1000 types of forensically important artifacts in any imaginable data sources: physical and logical drives, disk images, cloud, mobile device backups, virtual machines, memory dumps, and many others.


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