Cyber Security Forensics

Belkasoft Evidence Center finds and analyzes more than 1000 types of forensically important artifacts in any imaginable data sources: physical and logical drives, disk images, cloud, mobile device backups, virtual machines, memory dumps, and many others.

Belkasoft Evidence Center is designed with forensic experts and investigators in mind: it automatically performs multiple tasks without requiring your presence, allowing you to speed up the investigation; at the same time, the product has convenient interface, making it a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool for data extraction, search, and analysis.

A wide array of features is available to you immediately after the installation. Working with Evidence Center requires no special training and is as easy as 1-2-3: acquire a device or a cloud, add one or multiple acquired data sources to your case, and investigate using out of the box or manual analysis!

While Belkasoft Evidence Center focuses on automating most of the investigators’ routine, it also has powerful features for low-level analysis, allowing for sound and thorough inspection of suspects’ devices. Built-in File System Explorer, Process Explorer, Hex Viewer, SQLite Viewer, Registry Viewer and Plist Viewer will help you locate even more hidden and deleted evidence.

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