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Networking4u.org, commonly known as N4U, is a company specializing in system deployment, training, and deployment of security services for domestic and foreign businesses. N4U’s team includes many experts on Network and Security with international qualifications CCIE / JNCIE, CEI, ICS … In response to the rapid technical change, N4U has created tools for businesses. automatic action. In addition, one of the famous network monitoring tools used by large enterprises is Transpro. Products and services from N4U are being widely received from small and medium companies as well as Enterprises as well as ISP, SP. Networking4U is pleased to accompany the business to create the best and highest quality products.

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Networking4U team.[/vc_column_text]

Nam Vũ
Nam Vũ CCIE 62431 - Main Engineer

Cisco | Juniper | Nokia DWDM | CIENA

Quang Vi
Quang Vi CCIE 63499 - Main Engineer

Cisco | Core Ericson | Core Nokia | IPBB

Nguyên Hoàng
Nguyên Hoàng CCIE - Main Engineer

Cisco | Core Huawei | IPBB

Phú Nguyễn
Phú Nguyễn Support Supervisor

Ciso | Juniper | Server | Developer